Removal of Gel Polish/ Shellac or Acrylic and Gel Nails at home

With all of us stuck at home at the moment due to the covid pandemic, some of you are having to remove your own gel polish or gel/ acrylic nails. So I’ve put a list of the procedure here below, for those brave enough to give it a go. You can get the kit that you need here on our website. For Gel and Acrylic it will be a bit of a longer process, but gel polish should take 15 to 20 minutes.

1/ Using the stronger side of the file, rub across the gel polish, acrylic or Gel surface gently. Remove the shiny layer gently.

2/ Put Acetone onto cotton pad inside the foil wrap. Soak it well.

3/ Wrap the foil around the nail tightly and soak the nails for 15 mins for gel polish, 30 mins for acrylic and gel nails.

4/ After the required time peel of the foil and discard into bin.

5/ Use orange wood stick to scrape of any remaining product.

6/ Buff the nails very gently with the white buffer black until the surface is clear of gel polish.

7/ File nails into shape, put solar cuticle oil on cuticles and gently push back cuticles and after apply a generous amount of Ultra Caring Hand Cream.  Gel or Acrylic might require another soaking and repeat. Now you are ready for top coat if required. But it is a good time to let nails breathe now in between applications, whilst no one is meeting up.