How to apply self tan at home

How to apply self tan at home

The Question so many people ask me , how do I get that perfect salon tan from my home care one? We’ll here are my tips:

1/ Exfoliate and shave or wax at least a day or 2 before tanning. If you leave it until the day, you have a higher chance of reacting to the tan.

2/ Before applying the tan, apply a moisturiser on your feet, hands, knees, elbows and any area that has creases on you body and face, or that has drier skin.

3/ Start by applying your tan onto the mitt and I always start with my lower legs, otherwise if you have a bigger tummy, it will get tan all over it when you are bending down to do them. So lower legs first. Front and back in circular motions, now when you can clearly see the tan is nearly gone and is mostly on your legs, sweep the remaining residue on the mitt over your feet! Paying attention to the sides of the feet the toes and the heals . It is so important that it is only the residue you use here, and the cream on your toes and heals underneath will stop it clumping there. Take a fresh bit of tan to your mitt and on up to the thigh, do both front and back in circular motions and when the residue is left , sweep this around your knees and join together. Then I do my belly with some more tan and sweep up in circles over your boobs and onto your neck. Personally, I always have my moisturiser on underneath to stop the tan becoming too dark, but also to stop it blocking my pores. Then it’s down to the arms. Again in circles lower arm and upper and sweeping the residue only over my elbows and wrists down onto hands, obviously not the palms, but make sure that the residue is only use here and sweep along the side of your hands. You cant do your back properly on your own, so ask a friend to apply it in circles across your back and backside.

4/Most tans now are made that you can get straight into your PJ’s or tracksuit, and this is the case with the Bellamianta tan that we sell. Then leave it for at least 4 hours for a light tan, more sunkissed, but this is lighter, so comes off faster. But I love this on Irish skin, because we are fairer, in Winter especially. So this looks amazing , whilst being quite naturel. Leave on for 6 to 8 hours for that deeper summer tan. Wash over with a quick light shower after the required time and apply moisturiser generously every day to keep the tan at its best. Top up your tan again by repeating this process after a few days.