E50 Exosomes- the revolutionary new treatment

Exosomes are the newest technology to come out, in the aesthetic world. And we at Fresh Images are one of the first clinics to have them in Dublin.

Formulated from with either plant, bovine or marine derivatives, we’ve chosen the salmon one, because it is 10000 times more powerful than the rest!!

E50 Exosmoes contain not only the marine exosomes, but also Hyaluronic acid, growth factors, peptides and niacinamide to promote facial rejuvenation!!!

This is a treatment used mainly in microneedling/mesotherapy, but not exclusively, because it will penetrate it deep into the skin. The results from this treatment are amazing. Not only can it treat things like, rosacea ( a pain for many Irish clients) , but also, Acne, even active acne, Eczema, Ageing , Pigmentation and dehydration.

E50 Exosmes improves keratinocytes and fibroblasts function to enhance collagen & elastin synthesis in the skin. This hugely promotes regeneration and restorative capacity in the skin. What this is in a nut shell, is an amazing degree of anti ageing, which results in less lines and wrinkles, tighter skin, less redness, improved skin barrier… I could go on!!

It can be used on the scalp for hair thinning too. Giving fantastic results, both male and female, in just 3 treatments and at a lot cheaper price point than other hair replacement costs.

It is clinically trialled and originates in Korea, one of the best, if not the best countries for their skincare & anti ageing results. It works on all age groups, so you’re never too old.

It is  more expensive treatment than micro needling alone, but the results are quicker and better , as well as long lasting. This treatment is perfect for those of you that do not want to go down the Botox or Filler root yet.